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Iterate faster with incremental updates

Zoltar encourages cross-functional Web3 teams to move fast, and catch issues early by incorporating Zoltar sandboxes in your CI / CD. Any collaborator could integrate and verify the smart contract updates.

Multi-Chain Dependency
Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Alerting
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Production-Ready Staging Environment

Configure and spin up a private Ethereum environment that mirrors
the mainnet and test multi-chain cross chain capabilities with an easy setup. All of this can be done without having to depend on unreliable testnets.

Use it for integration with front end, simulating transactions, demoing without the pain of having to set up the environment.

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Supports EVM-compatible networks

Zoltar executes contracts and transactions on EVM-compatible networks. With more to come, the list of currently supported test networks are:

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Set up Zoltar Dashboard

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Provision Zoltar Sandbox

Start the Zoltar Sandbox using our CLI or Dashboard interface


Deploy smart contracts

Deploy smart contract updates and share them with the rest of the team

What people say about Zoltar

Learn how Zoltar is helping Web3 developers just like yourself improve their testing and deployment experience while saving tons of testing cost in production

“We allocate 5 to 10 thousand dollars to test on mainnet.”

“Zoltar is re-building testing infrastructure from the ground up and enabling more complex protocols to be built on top. This is the right way to approach Web3.

Our team is able to save 10k on mainnet launch by using Zoltar's sandbox. The best thing is their support for multi-chain simulations."

— Lending Protocol Developer

“DevOps Engineer with experience building smart contracts are hard to hire.”

“Zoltar provides a complete DevOps solution from deployment, release all the way to monitoring. Our team can spend more time building what matters more than to worry about failed deployments or environment setup.”

— DeFi Developer


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